Welcome to Opaque – Dining in the Dark™

In this era of information overload, visual stimulation has reached an all time pinnacle. But imagine, just for an hour or two that you cannot see, that you are abandoning vision in exchange for a new, more stimulating dining experience – this is “Dining in the Dark”.

Join us for our Valentine's special. We will be open February 12-15, 2012 in addition to our regular Thursday -Saturday Schedule. Please note that we are usually sold out between 2-4 weeks ahead of time, so please be sure to make reservations early.

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Opaque - Dining in the Dark at V Lounge

Opaque is open Thursday - Saturday at V Lounge in Santa Monica. Meals are served by our blind servers in a pitch black dining room.

"This is not just a simple game that plays on the sensual nature of food, but a trip into inky darkness."Cindy Dorn - L.A. Times

"I’ve certainly never had an evening like it before."Richard Foss - L.A. City Beat

Watch the dining in the dark segment as featured on LTN